Spatchcocked Roast Chicken

Once a week or so I roast a chicken and strip the meat for soups and salads. My normal method was to truss and roast using THOMAS KELLER'S PERFECT ROAST CHICKEN RECIPE. Sometimes I'll season it with different herbs or a sprinkling of Penzey's Mural of flavor. I occasionally make a PSYCHO CHICKEN.

But now I am a convert to spatchcocked chicken. And I like the word, "spatchcocked". It cooks faster and turns out incredibly tender and juicy. I think once the weather gets too hot to roast this will be a great way to grill a chicken.

I can't really describe the technique except to say it's deceptively easy. I just watched THIS VIDEO a couple of times. I didn't trim the fat-instead I cut slits and tucked the legs in. I roasted at 400 degrees until the thigh temperature reached 170 and let the chicken rest for 10 minutes. I do need a bigger roasting pan as mine isn't big enough for the flattened chicken. The foil lined baking sheet worked fine though.


Ben said...

Yeah, that looks very simple and you end up with a whole roasted chicken for a lot of different dishes. Great idea.

Josie said...

Spatchcocked could quickly become my new favorite word! Thanks for sharing this method, I am gonna try it.

Vicci said...

Yes, spatchcocked chicken is perfect for the grill (I don't think that I've ever roasted one in the oven). Wrap a couple of bricks in foil to lay on top and weight it down while the chicken cooks on the grids.

Another reason why I cannot wait for summer! :)

KristiB said...
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