Reusable shopping bags

No recipes today!

But I'll have a few interesting dishes tomorrow. At least I hope they'll be interesting as one of them is going to be really labor intensive and required a trip to the Asian market.

On the CL board there are three, count them THREE, threads about reusable grocery bags. Seems that more and more people are using them as grocery stores are starting to charge for bags and some, like Whole Foods, are doing away with plastic altogether.

I'm pretty good about bringing my own and all the stores I shop at give a bag refund. Whole Foods gives you a choice of taking the refund or giving it up to charity. Apparently their charitable donations from this are huge!

I have an insulated Whole Foods bag I like. It keeps the cold things cold for 3 hours and in the AZ heat your food can thaw mighty quick in a hot car. I also have a regular Whole Foods shopping bag and a Trader Joes' canvas bag.

I have some mesh produce bags and I do reuse plastic produce bags.

Someone on the CL boards drew my attention to these great Target bags. They're 99 cents and fold into a little pouch that fits in most of my purses. I also like that they're easy to fold into the pouch (four folds and a zip) unlike a map which I can never get right. There's also an outside pocket.


When I unpack my bags I immediately take them back out into the car. When I make a grocery list I also try to put it in the bag. This helps me remember to take them into the stores.


Kitchen Queen Victoria said...

Kristi, I noticed all of the "buzz" about reusable grocery bags and am happy that it's finally becoming (more or less) mainstream. I started reusing paper grocery bags about 15 years ago and you can't believe the weird reactions I got from cashiers for the first several years (one actually tossed my pile of bags under the counter and said "we'll give you some nice, new ones!"):)


Mom said...

Hey, Kristine, how come you didn't mention your old hippie mom has used cloth bags for 25 years. I bought them from a Lillian Vernon catalog and have been using them ever since. Those pesky plastic ones still accumulate. I use those as lightweight packing for packages or reuse them at the store. Love, Mom