The Perfect Pantry

My pantry is featured on The Perfect Pantry Blog today. Check it out HERE!

Would you believe that with all that I still have days where I'm befuddled on what to make?

As for cooking this week I revisted some my greatest hits. I've made the cantaloupe soup again. Still awesome.

I also made a Grilled Margherita Pizza from Mario Batali's Italian Grill. I've been grilling pizzas for years and have had success off and on. I really wanted to try his dough and his method. Well I kinda over-charred the pizzas. They weren't terrible but I wasn't a fan of the crust. I think that was my fault as I didn't roll it out thin enough. I am going to try it again. Hopefully I won't jack up the crust an I'll be able to post a picture.


Robin said...

Wow! Pretty pantry! We're moving from Berlin to Phoenix in about one month ... I'm hoping you can give me the low down on Phoenix before I go house hunting!

KristiB said...

Wow! Whereabouts in Phoenix?

You are moving here at the hottest time of the year and it'll be right about monsoon time. The rest of the year the weather is fantabulous:)