All American Chili

It's been cold and rainy here and I've been thinking chili would hit the spot. Chili is another food I used to hate as a kid. What was I thinking? It's hearty, filling and there are so many variatons.

People are fanatical about their recipes with secret ingredients and other tricks. I just found this recipe in Cooking Light back in 2003 and quit looking. I just wish I had the forsight to cook up some of my dried Rancho Gordo beans in place of the canned beans. Next time. A big glob of Daisy sour cream and some shredded cheddar and the bowl is finished.

This recipe makes a LOT of chili but the good news is it freezes very well.


Recipe HERE


Robin said...

Hi Kristi ... I'm definitely loving the cool winter weather here ... it's a nice change. Hey, can you tell me where you buy thai ingredients (lime leaves, thai basil, lemongrass, etc) locally in Phoenix? Or do you order online?

Brit said...

Yum! It's been cold and its getting colder over here. This is perfect. I'll be trying it this week.

KristiB said...

Robin-I was just thinking about you yesterday!

We have to get together after the holidays.

Anyway, I buy my foreign ingredients at Lee Lee's. It's the best place to find all kinds of International ingredients. They have 2 locations. One at 75 Ave and Cactus and one in Chandler on Warner and Dobson.

Thanks for the comment Brittany!

Brit said...

Kristi, I nominated your blog for an I Heart Your Blog Award.

KristiB said...

Thanks Brit!!! I really appreciate it!

Robin said...

Thanks for the grocery tip. I'm going to check them out today ... if they are open. And, hopefully, we can find a time to get together and make a thai feast!

Nancy Joy said...

I have a favorite beef chili, white chili, and vegetarian chili. They all freeze well. Nothing better on a snowy day!