Xuxu and Shrimp with Chile and Lemon

Xuxu is just another name for chayote squash but xuxu is way more fun to say.

If you haven't had chayote it doesn't have a squash consistency but has the texture of a pear and a very mild flavor. I like it raw in salads.

Stir fried with the chile lemon sauce shrimp and cilantro makes xuxu great! This dish is so easy and so healthy. It tastes very fresh. Except for the chayote I always have the ingredients on hand. Guess I'll have to start buying chayote and put this on a regular rotation.

Recipe from Gourmet magazine, Sept 2009 is HERE.


Ana said...

I love xuxu!!
This is how we say in Brazil, either xuxu or chuchu!
Not many americans know chayote, and even less know about the name xuxu!