South African Springbok Kebabs with Monkey Gland Sauce


Now before you wonder what I've been smoking, let me say there is no Springbok or monkey in this recipe. It's not like I can get that easily in Phoenix.  I got this recipe from Steven Raichlen's Planet Barbecue!: 309 Recipes, 60 CountriesPlanet. Which is one of my new favorite cookbooks.

The original recipe does call for springbok but the only place in town that would have ordered it for me is too far away. Raichlen suggests veal or pork so I went with the pork. But seeing as the springbok kinda looks like a deer, maybe venison would work too.

Monkey Gland Sauce is just a traditional South African sweet and hot sauce. Probably named for shock value.

This was really good. I suggest making the sauce ahead of time so all you have to do is thread your kebabs and prepare your sides before dinner time. I also have quite a bit of sauce left over so you may want to halve it.

Another tip is to use dry vermouth whenever a recipe calls for dry white wine. It has the same effect and is much cheaper. Also a bottle will last longer as it doesn't have to be used right up after opening.

I paid about $4.00 for Noilly Prat at BevMo. It is the brand that was highly recommended.

Recipe for South African Springbok Kebabs with Monkey Gland Sauce  HERE