Roast Chicken with Pears shallots and Walnuts and Crash Hot Potatoes

It's still hot here but I was craving roast chicken. Especially after seeing this recipe in September 2008's Cooking Light Magazine. Pears are one of my favorite fall fruits. I especially love them in savory dishes.

To save money I did make a couple of modifications. I didn't add the walnut oil to the sauce. It's $10 and the last bottle I had went rancid before I could use it all. I didn't use any oil in the sauce and it was fine. Cut fat and calories too. I'll also save you another $10 and tell you champagne vinegar tastes a lot like white wine vinegar which is half the price and something every cook already has in the pantry.

On the side I served Crash Hot Potatoes from The Pioneer Woman Cooks Blog. She got it from a reader in Australia and it is now my favorite red potato recipe. I love how they get so crispy. The green beans are steamed with a little lemon juice, salt and pepper.



Recipe for Roast Chicken with Pears and Shallots HERE


Sara said...

This looks great, my market just had a sale on whole chickens, so I bought a few for the freezer. I will give this a try!

Foodycat said...

I find it so frustrating when recipes ask for things like walnut oil and champagne vinegar! It makes them quite inaccessible. Or you end up with a row of jars of things that you bought for 1 recipe and then decided you don't like!

Ben said...

Roasted chicken is always good no matter what time of the year :p