Thai Beef Rolls with Sweet Chili Sauce

Sorry no picture. I realized too late the batteries in my camera were dead. Normally I wouldn't post without a picture but this was too good not to share.

But I assure you that mine looked every bit as scrumptious as the photo on Serious Eats.

It was THIS PHOTO that enticed me to make the recipe.

It was also so incredibly easy! I did have one roll break apart on the grill but the upside of that was I could see how done they were. I'm paranoid about ground beef with all the recalls.

The rolls were very very tasty. I loved the grilled basil/mint/chili combo. I only used 4 chilis and chopped them very fine in my mini-chopper.

The word sweet really shouldn't be in the description of the sauce. There's a little bit of sweet and a whole lotta spicy!!

These are definitely going on my rotation and I'd like to try it with ground pork or chicken.


Robin said...

Wow, those are impressive ... and simple ingredients ...I'm going to have to put this high on my grilling list!

Anonymous said...

Thats hilarious. We were seduced by the SAME photo. That went into my list of bookmarks as soon as I saw it, lol.

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