Confit Byaldi

Like everyone who saw the movie Ratatouille I immediately wanted to make the showcase dish.

It took me a couple of years to finally get around to it but here it is. I have made ratatouille before but it was more of a stew-y side dish. Not half as pretty as this dish which is actually a confit byaldi developed by chef Thomas Keller for the movie. The dish is actually a play on the Turkish Imam Byaldi which I have made many times and is featured on this blog.

You can find Keller's recipe HERE but when I was searching I came across Smitten Kitchen's Version which is the one I actually made.

I served it as a main course with some crusty bread. We were't very hungry so this really hit the spot. It is delicious and a definite repeater. Easy too when you have a mandoline although my mandoline wanted to shred my eggplant for some reason so I had to slice that by hand.

Next time "I will try Keller's version.


Kim said...

Kristi, this is BEAUTIFUL!!!

KristiB said...

Thanks! I was pretty impressed with how easy it was. :)

Brit said...

I'm definitely making this! And it is a pretty dish.