Product Review: Buitoni's Shrimp and Lobster Ravioli



The good folks at Buitoni sent me a coupon for one of their free premium frozen meals for two.

I really wanted to try the Chicken and Spinach Cannelloni but my store didn't carry it so I selected the Shrimp and Lobster Ravioli. I thought it was a bit pricy at $8.99 but I don't usually buy frozen meals and Buitoni is higher quality than say Stouffers. I talked to some friends and they didn't think the price point was out of line. And because I cook and don't use convenience food I may be over critical. Part of me says I could put the $8.99 towards ingredients and get a few meals. But these are all about convenience.

This was easy to prepare. Just boil the bag of sauce with the ravioli's and serve. I added the red pepper flakes for color and punch.

The ravioli was very good. The garlic butter sauce not so much. I tasted more salt than garlic and thought it was a bit one note. If the ravioli were sold separately I would definitely buy it and make my own sauce.

I still want to try the cannelloni if I find them on sale.