Rosemary Trout with Cherry-Tomato Sauce

This was delicious!!!! Instead of cooking the trout in pans we cooked them outside on the grill. The rosemary really flavored the trout well and was perfect with the tomatoes. I served it over THIS tabbouleh recipe from my blog. In reviewing that recipe I realize I forgot the mint. Ooops. It was still very good and I would probably leave it out again since the rosemary in the fish recipe is pretty strong.

I chose the recipe because it's so easy-about 5 minutes of chopping the sauce, 20 minutes to prep the grill and about 3 minutes to prep the fish. Cook time was about 8 minutes total. And even though it's not listed as one of their healthy choices I still think it's a good choice. I love that the magazine tags the recipes except I keep reading "HF" as "High Fat" instead of "High Fiber".

The recipe for Rosemary Trout with Cherry-Tomato Sauce, courtesy of Bon Appetit June 2009 can be found at Epicurious HERE.


Angelica said...

I too did fish on the grill this weekend. I love putting good fish on the barbie, that's summer food for ya soul!

Tangled Noodle said...

That looks fantastic! We recently grilled fish outdoors, too, but it was wrapped in banana leaves. I'd like to try it just as it is, the way you have it here.

Marvin said...

This looks great. Our small town store never has whole trout but there is a trout farm 2 hours away that is always worth a day trip. I also like Bon Appetit's new symbols but i wish they would list nutritional info like Cooking Light and other magazines.

KristiB said...

Sometimes it's better not to know Marvin :)

I kid but I always feel pretty good when I eat grilled fish.

I would love a local trout farm.