Drunken Noodles will burn your soul but they're so good!

Just a warning-this dish is spicy! And drunken refers to the amount of liquid you'll need to quench yourself after a few bites this dish. Oh and keep a box of Kleenex handy because it's a nose runner.

All that said I do like it a lot! I try to make it several times a year. Yeah it's hot as all get out but the depth of flavors make it work. It's not one note.

Prep work and cooking is easy too. I used Thai basil. If you can't get that try mint. I used the Golden Mountain sauce but you could definitely substitute light soy sauce. Black soy is like soy sauce with molasses. It's a distinct flavor so try to get that if you can.

You can also vary the meats. I've used shrimp and pork.

Drunken noodles recipe HERE courtesy of Bon Appetit, September 2005.


Laura said...

OK I am stumped--and a little embarassed to be stumped by Bon Appetit for goodness' sake! What is golden mountain sauce?

KristiB said...

It's a bottled sauce from Thailand. it reminds me of a seasoned soy sauce or Maggi. It was near the soy sauce at my Asian grocery and it's pretty cheap.