Nature's Pride

Nature's Pride Bread was kind enough to mail me 2 loaves of bread to try. I received a loaf of 100% Whole Wheat and a loaf of 12 Grain.

I'm not a big bread eater because a lot of supermarket breads have the dreaded HFCS or other objectionable preservatives. Natures Pride has none of those.

I've tried both varieties and I will say I was impressed. I was skeptical of the 12 grain because I like chunky grainy bread and with the exception of some seeds the texture was smooth. My skepticism was erased when I bit into my sandwich. The bread tastes very good and has a bit of a sweet taste. The Whole Wheat was equally impressive and had a nice chewy crust.

I would definitely choose these breads on my own.

For more information the company's website is HERE