Alton Brown's Mighty Duck

STB_0367 by you.

One problem with writing a food blog is you don't always get around to repeating recipes. But that's what I've been doing lately-going through my greatest hits and seeing if they're still great.

One good thing about writing a food blog is it motivates me to try new things. Case in point-this duck!

I've never made a duck and I've only had duck a few times at restaurants. Alton's Good Eats episode plus constantly hearing duck fat is "liquid gold" prompted me to try a duck at home.

If you want to see the episode it is available on You Tube. Part One is HERE and part two is HERE.

Finding duck was a bit tricky. Fry's/Kroeger carries them but apparently they don't carry many because almost every time I went they were sold out. I did finally manage to find one from Maple Leaf Farms, which is a pekin duck.

I made the recipe exactly as Alton did. I think mine looks weird because my cast iron skillet is actually a grill pan. Maybe a flat surface would have been better.

This was very good but instead of making this again I'm motivated to try more duck recipes. And I'm looking forward to roasting potatoes in my new supply of "liquid gold".

The chard was just ok. I won't make that again as a side.

Recipe is HERE.