Alton Brown's Ginger Almonds and Sherried Sardine Toast

I watched Alton Browns Good Eats episode Live and Let Diet and was intrigued by two of the recipes featured.

I try to make nuts part of my diet and do pretty well on portion control thanks to Trader Joes Just a Handful bags of individually packed nuts. I just grab one and put it in my lunch bag.

I usually buy the reduced salt dry roasted almonds and have been happy with them.

These are just OK. I'm not sure I'd make them again unless I had some raw almonds on hand.

Recipe HERE.

IMG_0341 by you.

The other recipe that caught my eye was what Alton referred to as brisling. I was interested until he said they're sardines. Blechhh! I tried canned sardines and did not care for them at all! But then he mentioned the flavor is milder and they're good for non-sardine fans and I figured I can't dis something I've never tried. I went to the grocery store and there were only two tins of brislings left. They had plenty of other sardines so I guess some other people saw the show and came to the same conclusion.

This wasn't as fishy as regular sardines but it was still too fishy for my boyfriend. He said it would be better without the fish. Ha ha!

I didn't think it was bad. I have another tin of brisling and may play with the marinade a bit.

Recipe HERE

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