Shrimp That's Really My Way and Some Rambling

Serious Eats published a List of Obsolete Cooking Skills last week. One of the skills was popping corn in oil. I thought about that and realized I don't like microwave popcorn with it's faux butter or air popped corn. I remember eating oil popped corn as a child. I think that ended in the 80's when air poppers and microwaves became more common.

I had an Amazon gift certificate so I decided to buy a Whirly Pop.


And I included some Rancho Gordo Crimson Popcorn in my next bean order. I hear great things about this popcorn-like it's buttery without the butter.


So here's to bringing back an obsolete skill! I'm not worried about the fat as I'll use coconut oil which isn't absorbed into food as much as other fats. Maybe I'll even make kettle corn!

Now on to my shrimp. I have no clue where I got this idea but it's one of my favorite, "don't know what the heck else to do" meals. I love sriracha and never pass up a chance to use it.

Simply combine sriracha and soy sauce to taste. Marinate shrimp and cook as desired (I sautee). I marinate the shrimp for about as long as it takes to cook the rice. Yum!!!



Josie said...

I love stove popped popcorn. My mom only made popcorn like this when we were little - and I never picked up the habit of buying microwave popcorn (except occasionally at work). I love the flavor extra virgin olive oil gives to the popcorn. It is the best! Alton Brown has a great episode on the best way to make popcorn on the stove.

Laura said...

Haha, Josie beat me to it. I like olive oil with my popcorn as well--as of us from our family eat it this way.

KristiB said...

Heirloom popcorn and Whirly Pop are on the way. I'll try it with the olive oil. Alton uses an aluminum bowl. My gift certificate justified a gadget.