Black Garlic With Scallops

I first saw black garlic used on Top Chef and was immediately intrigued. Back then a Google search just turned up At the time there were no vendors listed so I emailed the company to try to get my hands on some. The end result was my last email went unanswered. I was annoyed.

I kept seeing little tidbits about it-namely that it was set to be the new trendy ingredient. I went back to the site they had added vendors so I ordered from Sauce N Spice. I was surprised at the speedy service. I ordered on a Thursday, choosing the cheapest shipping option, and received it Saturday morning.

It's ugly but lack garlic tastes very very good! It's a bit like balsamic vinegar with soft garlic undertones and a sweet aftertaste. The texture is like a roasted clove of garlic.

I wasn't exactly sure what to do with it but THIS RECIPE from STEAMY KITCHEN looked too good to pass up.

In a word it was phenomenal! It would be great with regular garlic but the black garlic took it to another level.

I also sauteed a clove with baby bok choy in sesame oil and a little soy sauce.

I love my new discovery! Now that I have an idea of what it tastes like I'll be using up my supply. Do yourself a favor and if your local Asian market doesn't carry this order some.


SteamyKitchen said...

Love it! thanks for the shoutout

KristiB said...

You're welcome! I love your blog!