Spicy Coconut Noodles

A friend of mine was raving about Spicy Coconut Noodles. I don't know if this is the recipe she made but it's what my pal Google found for me.

They are insanely good! And since I didn't toast coconut it went together in about 10 minutes. To cook rice noodles just cover with boiling water and let them sit for about 5 minutes or until done. Do not overcook or you will end up with a gummy mess.

I used the really thin rice noodles. I think next time I'll use wider noodles. I think it would be good on the fresh Chinese egg noodles too.

I'm also a basil snob. In Asian dishes I like to use Thai basil not Italian and if it isn't available I substitute mint. Well I couldn't get to the Asian store for the Thai basil and the regular grocery store was out of mint. So I succumbed to the Italian. It would be sooo much better with Thai basil or mint though.

For chili paste I used a wee bit of Sambal Olek, made the sauce, tasted and added more.

Recipe HERE. Courtesy of Real simple Magazine.


Helios said...

This looks really good. And easy, very key. Hmmm ... dinner tonight? :)

KristiB said...

I found out the friend who directed me to the recipe added lime juice and used cilantro in place of the basil. I always seem to have cilantro that needs to be used up and lime juice is genius!

Ashley said...

These noodles look so bright and tasty! Yum!!